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NYC Warehouse Office

An anonymous commercial client was moving the headquarters of their social media based company to a much larger warehouse right outside of New York City to expand for their growing team. 

They had the goal of completely furnishing, decorating, and partially renovating the space within two months to accommodate their new employees and host their yearly event. The renovations included lighting, creating a temporary partition, installing a kitchen, and painting. The furnishings needed to fill a 15,000 sq. ft space which included two workstations, two breakout areas, a kitchen, a cafe, the entry, and the conference area.


Dominique Michelle Vidal accomplished that goal under a tight timeline and budget by taking advantage of her excellent sourcing capabilities, leveraging industry software, and project management skills. Not only were those goals met, but the design of the office matched the aesthetic the client was searching for. Using an abundance of plants, natural materials, and commercial grade products, we created a practical work environment that was long lasting and pleasant for employees and clients.

Photo Credit: Kristina Kroot Photography

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