Principal of Dominique Michelle Vidal

Dominique is the owner and founder of Dominique Michelle Vidal, an interior design service based business that works with business owners, real estate investors, and homeowners.


From selecting color schemes to increasing a properties value, Dominique collaborates with her clients every step of the way. Having experience in the majority of design industries, she easily adapts to different projects types and provides well rounded perspectives.


Born in New York and raised in Westchester, Dominique graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interior Design.


It was working with her father in New York City, visiting his construction job sites, that prompted her desire to also create her own business and focus on both the craftsmanship and beauty in her designs. Living in Philadelphia and being raised in New York, she has been to able to feel at home in both cities while creating a business for herself.


Alongside her passion for design and nature, nothing inspires Dominique more than time spent brainstorming in front of a canvas or journal.

About Dominique


B.S. of Interior Design

Dominique attended the Westphal College at Drexel University which is one of the top ten schools for CIDA interior design programs in the country.


While at Drexel, she focused on biophilic and sustainable design. She pursued biophilic design by partnering with the Academy of Natural Sciences to study the museum's private collection.


Her pursuit of sustainable design was applied to her thesis, Market Zero. A closed system market and restaurant.


She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and LEED Green Associates Certification.


Residential (Owners and investors), Commercial, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, and Mercantile.

Dominique has held positions at Stantec, L2, and The Sheward Partnership. All of which are well-established engineering/architecture/design firms specializing in transportation, commercial, healthcare, residential, education, and mercantile design.

While studying in college, she did freelance work for commercial spaces in New York City. Having formed a business there, she continued freelancing in Philadelphia as well.

She is currently the owner and founder of Dominique Michelle Vidal. The scope her work covers but is not limited to the North East.

Dominique Michelle Vidal - Principal

  • Collaborates on project teams to create functional, sustainable, and appealing interiors.

  • Designs for commercial, residential, mercantile, transportation, and hospitality clients.

The Sheward Partnership - Interior Designer

  • Collaborated on project teams to create functional, sustainable, and appealing interiors. 

  • Managed project documents (blueprints, submittals, RFIs), 3d models, and presentations.

  • Researched and selects products ranging from finishes to elevator/escalator systems.

  • Corresponded with product representatives and clients on a daily basis.

L2 - Interior Designer

  • Created building drawings by converting existing documents and conducting site visits.

  • Assisted designers in schematics and product selection.

  • Managed and maintained resource library. 

Freelance - Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Painter

  • Corresponded with the independent contractor, CEO (client), and steel shop.

  • Created designs for three styles of steel doors (single/double hung, and accordion).

  • Created space plans for office renovation.

  • Conducted site visits to document before and after installation.

Stantec - Interior Design Intern

  • Assisted designers and architects on projects by creating/picking up redlines. 

  • Collaborated with a multi-office team on document conversion from PDF to CMS website platform for Hamad Medical Group.