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Nestled in the heart of Bedford Hills, New York, this Colonial Revival home finds its roots in a property that once formed part of a sprawling 180-acre farm, in a neighborhood celebrated for its grandeur and architectural diversity, spanning from Georgian elegance to modern marvels. A tranquil amble down Broad Brook Road will enrapture you with the sight of majestic white and brick edifices, ensconced in verdant landscapes, timeless stone walls, and the calming symphony of horses trotting, birds serenading, and the wind whispering through the trees.

The home's transformation was guided by a singular vision: to accentuate its Colonial Revival charm, weave in contemporary materials, and infuse an ambiance of sophisticated luxury, all while paying homage to the property's original design and storied heritage.

Internally, the home's historical elements have been conscientiously enhanced with meticulously chosen furnishings and décor. The living room's original mahogany fireplace, an emblem of Colonial design, is given a fresh breath of life with a classic rolled-arm sofa, swathed in a soft, golden-hued upholstery. This thoughtful interplay of old and new crafts an atmosphere where Colonial allure and modern refinement dwell in harmonious synergy.

The dining room is a nod to the Colonial era, graced with a commanding mahogany dining table and surrounded by upholstered chairs draped in delicate tapestry fabric. The walls, cloaked in period-inspired wallpaper, are adorned with an eclectic collection of artwork, each piece a memento from the homeowners' worldly travels, enhancing the home's Colonial Revival narrative. A vintage-inspired rug in warm, inviting tones anchors the space, introducing a layer of intimate sophistication.

Commanding your gaze from the first to the second floor, the grand staircase, beneath a bespoke chandelier, creates a statement of grandeur and opulence. The theatrical allure of the chandelier, in concert with the natural light cascading through the curved floor-to-ceiling window behind it, crafts a truly dramatic and inviting ambiance.

Through this judicious curation of furnishings and décor, the Colonial Revival home has been meticulously reinvented into a space of refined elegance and modern comfort, all while honoring its rich historical lineage.

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