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Our studio is proud to showcase the Darien Colonial project, a testament to our team's ability to blend traditional charm with modern aesthetics. Nestled in the heart of Darien, a picturesque neighborhood renowned for its colonial architecture, this project was an ambitious undertaking. Our mission was to breathe new life into this classic colonial-style home, harmonizing the homeowners' personal aesthetic with the timeless elegance of its architectural roots, all within a tight three-month timeline.

The transformation journey began with the heart of the home - the hardwood floors. We meticulously sanded and refinished the existing flooring, while also introducing new hardwood into the master bedroom, creating a beautiful balance between the old and new. A carefully curated palette of paint colors was selected to infuse depth and warmth into each room, subtly reflecting the serene surroundings and the home's natural light.

One of the dramatic transformations was the refacing of the original stone fireplace. We reinvented it with travertine and plaster, evolving its rustic appeal into a sleek, contemporary feature while still maintaining its traditional essence. The final touch to the renovation was the replacement of all lighting fixtures. Each fixture was meticulously chosen not just to illuminate, but also to serve as a distinctive design element that enhances the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the home.

In tandem with the structural enhancements, a detailed furnishing project was embarked upon. Every piece of furniture was thoughtfully chosen, taking into account the home's history and the homeowners' taste. The outcome is a stunning blend of comfort and style, seamlessly integrating the classic colonial architecture with contemporary design elements.

Positioned in the heart of Darien, Connecticut, a charming coastal town known for its blend of small-town charm and cosmopolitan culture, this home now stands as a testament to the town's enduring colonial legacy and its ability to embrace the 21st century. This project highlights our commitment to quality, style, and client satisfaction, demonstrating how we embrace and overcome challenges to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Photo Credit: Abby Cole Photography



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