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Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia's Fairmount district, celebrated for its historical and cultural significance, stands the "Fairmount Townhouse," a 1920-built property that epitomizes the skillful blend of classic architecture and modern interior design. Under the expert guidance of interior designer Dominique Michelle Vidal, the Fairmount Townhouse underwent a remarkable transformation, primarily focusing on the meticulous sourcing of unique furniture, decor, art, and antiques that seamlessly meld the charm of the 1920s with contemporary design elements.

The Fairmount Townhouse project, unfolding between 2022 and 2023, was a delicate exercise in honoring the home's historical essence while infusing it with modern updates. The original features of the property, such as the plaster crown decorations and deep moldings, were carefully preserved, maintaining the architectural integrity reminiscent of the pre-Civil War era. Strategically situated near the former home of the renowned American artist Thomas Eakins, the Fairmount Townhouse stands as a homage to Philadelphia's rich artistic heritage.

Central to this transformation was Dominique's discerning approach to curating the interior space of the Fairmount Townhouse. She chose furnishings and artworks that reflected the sophisticated tastes of the homeowner, creating an interior landscape that is both elegant and inviting. The living area, adorned with a mix of white boucle, beige cashmere, and blue velvet seating, is accentuated by a vintage crystal chandelier and an ornate peacock fireplace screen, creating a harmonious blend with the client's personal art collection from Ann Arbor and San Diego.

A key aspect of the renovation of the Fairmount Townhouse was the conversion of the third floor into a chic, functional home office. This space, once a conventional two-bedroom area, now showcases Dominique's adeptness at merging modern functionality with classic aesthetics, highlighted by custom French glass and steel doors and walnut door jambs.

The Fairmount Townhouse also boasts a newly designed powder room on the lower level, enhancing the home's character. Unique elements like Burke decor rugs and a statement coffee table further illustrate Dominique's expertise in sourcing distinctive pieces that contribute to the home's cohesive narrative of art, history, and personal journey.

Photo Credit: Brian Wetzel Photo


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