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Dominique Michelle Vidal and Falcon Enterprises collaborated on an inspiring design and renovation project to expand Perfect Stride, a physical therapist-owned small business based in New York City. With their shared commitment to challenging and reshaping traditional approaches to physical therapy, the team embarked on transforming the existing space into a cutting-edge facility. Dominique's expertise in interior design, paired with Falcon Enterprises' craftsmanship and 30 years of contracting experience, resulted in a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. The thoughtfully designed space not only created a welcoming atmosphere for patients but also improved the efficiency of the therapists' work. Through their joint efforts, Dominique Michelle Vidal and Falcon Enterprises successfully contributed to Perfect Stride's mission of revolutionizing the field of physical therapy.


"We are movement specialists who work with motivated and active clients to optimize their performance without the use of pain medications or surgery. The human body is a truly remarkable organism that has incredible abilities to heal. However, sometimes we need help to understand how to access these abilities and facilitate the healing process. At Perfect Stride, we are trained to not only get to the root cause of your issue but also to consider your entire health ecosystem in our decision-making process. We are trained to pinpoint contributing factors that are affecting your health such as diet, sleep, stress, or other medical concerns, and we have a vast network of health professionals that we can recommend to you if needed," states Perfect Stride, reflecting their values.

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