• Dominique Michelle Vidal

How to Decorate for Halloween... But Make it Chic

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Halloween isn't just about the sweets and costumes; it's also about the décor. Instead of flooding your house with cheesy plastic pumpkins this year, go for something a little more sophisticated. While the black-and-orange color scheme has its day and place, there are so many more ways to incorporate a festive look without going overboard.

Plus, many of these festive and adaptable décor ideas can be left up throughout the season, even after October 31st. Whether you're holding a party or simply celebrating with a few frightening flicks and some popcorn, repurpose your fake cobwebs and witches brooms to create a classy, chic Halloween backdrop.

1. Display of Pumpkins

Penelope Pumpkins

With the help of those unquestionably adorable small pumpkins you've been coveting at the market (we're right there with you), a clear canister, such as an apothecary jar, makes for an instant Halloween display. They come in a variety of hues, so there's a look for everyone.

Rather than bringing in loud colors for Halloween, stick to a classic neutral color scheme. Replace the orange jack-o'-lantern with a basic white one that matches the rest of your decorations. Or opt for black instead of orange. A black jack-o'-lantern is a terrific way to achieve the Halloween appearance without going overboard with the decorations.

2. Macabre Mantel

Combine all of your black decorating accents, such as candlesticks, vases, and books, with a few celebratory yet terrifying touches, such as skulls, and you've created a scene straight out of a haunted home. A couple coats of matte black spray paint transforms a holiday garland into a Halloween-ready touch, while "bleeding" candles are simple to make by putting a lighted red taper candle over white pillars and allowing the red wax to flow down the sides.

3. At-Home Pumpkin Patch

Why not turn a broken fireplace into a grab-and-go pumpkin patch for your guests, where they can choose their favorite to take home? For larger hearths, create the effect of a huge stack by inverting a wooden container underneath the pumpkins in the back, then filling in the gaps as needed. It's simple, unique, and a total show-stopper for the holidays.

4. Spooky-Chic Cloche

Even a small pumpkin feels rarefied when encased within the boundaries of a cloche. To give the display a terrarium vibe, look for a unique specimen and add a mossy bed. Place it on an entryway table or a mantel for a touch that is both stylish and seasonal.

5. Eerie Entryway

Are you planning on handing out candy on Halloween? Why not concentrate your decorating efforts on the front door? Greet your guests with Halloween vibes by making sure to decorate your entryway with subtle, spooky decor like hanging brooms and witches hats. Bare branches, which can be found at most floral supply stores, give the proper haunted-forest vibe, and their height commands attention as soon as you walk in the door. For a classic cobweb display, add some ornaments or stretch out cotton balls. The use of a large number of mini pumpkins gives the setup a complete and festive sense. If you want to add some larger pumpkins, make sure to put a protective layer between them and the wood to avoid staining.

6. Add These Creepy Candles to Create a Warm Glow

Bloody Candles

Candles are the ideal holiday accent since they provide such a warm, inviting glow that feel joyful. Using a few Halloween-themed candles, create a small scene.

7. Incorporate Lanterns

Instead of pumpkins, use eerie (but charming) lanterns to decorate your porch. Fill them with candles or miniature pumpkins to add a subtle touch of Halloween to your house.

8. DIY Paper Ghosts

Using ghosts to decorate your table or home doesn't have to be childish. Make a delightful and festive ghost centerpiece with a basic, minimalist design. It's the perfect, surprising look for your Halloween dinner party if you keep it simple.

9. Keep it Minimal

To give your home a Halloween ambiance, you don't need a lot of decorations. Keep it basic without going crazy by displaying a few eerie artifacts about your home.

10. Opt for Faux or Dried Flowers

Skip the fresh flowers and go for dried instead. Not only will dried arrangements last so much longer, but they are also great for lending a creepy, haunted look anywhere in your home.

11. Cob Web Table Runner