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The Benefits of a Contractor - Interior Designer Partnership

Are you a remodeler or contractor who works with home owners or business owners? Do you have an existing partnership with an interior designer or do you choose to go solo with your clients? If you choose to go it alone, you may be missing opportunities that working with interior designers may offer.

Design is a subjective discipline, so it can be difficult to express, leaving a lot of room form is interpretations. Clients or contractors bring designers into projects, and our job is to bridge the gap between the two.

As interior designers, our responsibility is to bridge the gap between the buyer and contractor. Clients are interested in aesthetics and function, and contractors are concerned with structure. Our job is to bridge the gap between these parties. We are adept at both aesthetics and functionality. Through this mix of expertise, we are able to provide clear guidance to the contractor about what their client envisions. We go beyond the decoration to design a space based on how it will be used.

A team approach to design with an interior designer enables you to identify any issues and prevent cost increases due to uncovered problems. When you involve a builder early in the process, you can prevent these problems altogether. Here are several reasons why working together is better:

Benefits of Partnering with an Interior Designer

1. Project Management

Every step of the way, from design plans to managing contractors, designers are there for their clients. A contractor is busy; you don't have time to wait on a supplier. With a trusted supplier, you're guaranteed prompt service from order to delivery.

2. Access to Skilled and Insured Tradespeople

Designers work with the same people for every project, have a great working relationship, and have their own team of skilled, vetted, and insured tradespeople.

3. Competitive Advantages and Designer Resources With Better Pricing

Due to the fact that designers have access to trade-only brands, they can offer an extensive range of designer resources at better prices than online stores can (if they can even sell the same product online). This also means you’ll have access to unique furniture, textiles, and finishes. As you know, to the consumer, it's all about price.

4. The Option for Customization

With a team of highly skilled tradespeople, designers are able to offer their clients complete customization. From kitchen cabinetry to custom upholstery or drapery, they're able to provide one-of-a-kind products that suit your home and style exactly.

5. More Accurate Timelines and Budget

While all renovations and construction projects comewith the unexpected (more money & more time), designers have a much better senseof the budget and timeline. In addition to doing it every day and being hands-on, they maintain schedules and budgets more easily.

6. Working with One Person From Building to Styling

During a project, the client communicates with one person (and only one person), which is usually the designer. Typically, the designer is responsible for managing and communicating everything with contractors and tradespeople. This simplifies the process, and it's nice to know the client only has to deal with one person throughout the process.

7. Delivering the Client's Vision in a Creative Way

It's fun to work with a designer. The samples, mood boards, renderings are astounding (even if you don't care for the visual arts). With so many DIY designed rooms copied directly from Pinterest, it's nice to know your designer will provide you with an original plan tailored to suit the client's lifestyle and space.

8. Referral Opportunities

Referrals and repeat business bring the best results. Contractors who have a good relationship with suppliers will be recommended to other clients by them. The referrals will continue, and if the client is happy, they will recommend you to their family and friends. As a result of one reliable business relationship, you have created a steady stream of repeat and referral customers.

9. It's Better to Buy Local

It is always best to choose a local supplier when possible. Business can be easily conducted in person. You can easily meet and connect to build a relationship. In person, relationships with local suppliers will last longer and will make it easier to build trust.

Local Philadelphia Project by Compass Greater Philly

What makes a trade partnership successful?

Interior designers and builders should begin working together collaboratively as soon as a project starts. Both the designer and contractor bring a unique skillset and deep breath of knowledge, which proves invaluable to a project in keeping it on scope, on budget, and on schedule.

Builders and designers that work together and creatively problem-solve create an environment of healthy collaboration that ultimately makes the project a success and ensures a good client experience. Check out what some our clients have wrote about their experience with us on Houzz.

Design by Widell and Boschetti

Presenting Your Business services with interior design packages Makes a Difference

Some contractors hire their own in-house design team. Others have created deep relationships with architects and interior designers who not only love what they do but enjoy working together.

Ready to start a conversation about collaborating on your remodel or construction projects?

If you’re ready to start collaborating on remodels or major home improvement projects it’s important to hire an experienced interior designer. We thrive on finding creative solutions to new build or remodeling projects.

See our portfolio of residential and commercial projects. You can contact us today for an appointment in person or over the phone at (914)-672-6726.


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