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Sorena's home is a beautiful reflection of her personality, adorned in her vibrant paintings and personal touches that breathed life into every room. When she decided to renovate her kitchen, I had the honor of designing it for her as well as form a connection that I still cherish to this day. Upon my most recent visit to her home to take photos, she greeted me with fresh coffee and pastries, a testament to the warmth of her character.

The renovation journey with Sorena was one filled with creativity and collaboration. As the designer, I took charge of curating the finish and lighting selections, while also assisting in the layout of all the cabinetry. One significant transformation was the decision to replace the existing tile with brand new hardwood floors. This change added a natural warmth to the room, complementing the elegance of other elements and providing a graceful continuity with the rest of her home. The kitchen transformed into a culinary masterpiece, blending elegance with functionality.

The focal points of the space are the La Cornue Stove imported from France and its coordinating custom range hood. Sorena insisted on these for her dream kitchen, and they indeed became the statement pieces that brought the design together. We complemented these with countertops of honed finish quartzite from Italy, which we both fell in love with as soon as we saw it. Its subtle sheen and luxurious feel added an exquisite touch to the space.

No detail was too small in Sorena's kitchen, and every corner had a story. The dreamy breakfast nook, overlooking her koi pond garden, was carefully crafted with a built-in bench adorned with green fabric cushions, providing a cozy spot for morning reflections or intimate conversations.

The project, located in West Chester, PA, was a success not only in the transformation of the space but also in creating her dream kitchen. It became an extension of her artistic flair, a place where she could not only host, but express herself. The inclusion of the hardwood floors and updated breakfast nook was a touch that truly finalized the space, giving it a warmth and continuity that resonated with her personality. It was a privilege to help her achieve her vision, and the gratitude in her eyes as she served coffee in her new kitchen is a memory I will always hold dear. Her kitchen wasn't merely a renovation; it was a manifestation of her dreams, executed with love, care, and a shared passion for beauty and design.

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