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Dominique Michelle Vidal Furniture & Finishes Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • Engage Dominique Michelle Vidal for your initial interior design project and receive two key benefits: a complimentary, detailed consultation to define your vision and requirements, and a $1,000 Credit applicable towards furniture and finishes, enhancing your project's quality and aesthetic.

  • This offer is exclusively available to new clients engaging with Dominique Michelle Vidal for the first time, applicable for projects ranging from single-room designs to comprehensive home makeovers.

  • The promotional offer is valid from January 1, 2024, until March 1, 2024. Eligibility requires booking a consultation, signing a contract, and initiating the design project within this period.

  • A credit of $1,000 will be applied to your account for purchases of furniture and finishes exclusively from our selected vendors, chosen for their exceptional craftsmanship and alignment with our design principles.

  • The credit is applicable only with a predefined list of approved vendors, curated by Dominique Michelle Vidal to ensure superior quality and design alignment for your project.

  • This offer is standalone and cannot be combined with any other sales, discounts, or limited-time promotions offered by vendors or third-party entities.

  • The promotion requires a minimum investment of $5,500 in furniture and finishes, exclusive of designer fees, to qualify for the credit.

  • We will schedule a complimentary consultation at a mutually convenient time, ensuring a personalized approach to each design project.

  • In the event of project cancellation post-commencement, the furniture and finishes credit will be voided. Costs incurred for any design work or purchases will be billed.

  • The furniture and finishes credit is exclusive to your initial project with Dominique Michelle Vidal and is non-transferable to subsequent projects or other clients.

  • While committed to high-quality service, Dominique Michelle Vidal is not liable for indirect damages or dissatisfaction resulting from the use of furniture or finishes acquired through this credit.

  • Dominique Michelle Vidal reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without prior notice, ensuring ongoing relevancy and value for our clients.

  • Participation in this promotion constitutes agreement to these terms, establishing a clear understanding between the client and Dominique Michelle Vidal.


Type "PROMOTION" in the project description to apply

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